When you purchase trees and shrubs at Mettowee Mint, plant according to instructions provided and water correctly; our plants are guaranteed to live through their first growing season. Should it fail, store credit of the purchase value will be made upon presentation of the sales receipt and proof of failure. If the receipt is not presented, then a store credit of one-half the full current retail value of the plant will be given. 

Exclusions our warranty does not cover:

  • Tree or shrubs that fail due to improper care and handling by the customer. This includes not planting within 24 hours of bringing it home and/or not watering in a timely and consistent manner. This is your responsibility as part of the Warranty Agreement.
  • Trees or shrubs that suffer animal browsing, fire, storm, weather, frost or mechanical damage.
  • Trees or shrubs kept in above ground containers.
  • Annuals, roses, perennials, broadleaf evergreens, and houseplants.
  • Any plants defined as not being hardy to your growing conditions, (e.g. not zone appropriate, requires soil conditions not provided)

Email Us Your Plant Photos

Please email photos of plants purchased with us that concern you, ensuring that the images are in focus, showcasing the overall shape and planting location. We will also need detail images of the specific concern (e.g. leaves, trunk).